More than gas springs from now on

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Gym equipment sometimes consist of gas springs but I wonder what kind of springs are in this trampoline used at a gymnastics show recently?


Control handle for gas springs

This is what a release mechanism for gas springs looks like. You are looking at a control handle for lockable gas springs with fits wire type C. The handle is fitted on a pipe of Ø 22 mm and is made of zinc/plastic.


Renovation of castle

Gas springs are more common around us than we think. Take this crane for example. Situated right in the middle of the old castle in Sibenik, Croatia. Modern lifestyle in harmony with history.


Fitting instructions

I found this image which shows fitting instructions for gas springs. The color of the end fittings are usually black if the springs is black. Grey products however have a chrome piston rod and grey end fittings.


Special treatment

Sometimes standard gas springs are just not covering the demands of some projects and customers which is why it’s important to stay humble and alert in creating specialized solutions. These kind of solutions could contain following:

  • Customized strokes, lengths and forces.
  • Customized stroke movement/damping characteristics.
  • Optional cylinder color (standard is black paint).
  • Optional mounting. Alternative connection types and/or special end fittings.


Cable cars

Have you ever been to San Francisco you haven’t been able to miss seeing the classic cable cars running up and down the hills of the city. The machinery behind the brakes could contain components such as some kind of gas springs. Conventional gas springs maybe?

Cable cars